1. B087.23.00008


    Tinsmith: Travellers caravan (barrel-top), Clonmel-Cahir road.

  2. B087.23.00009


    Tinsmith: Travelling people, McInerney family, Thurles.

  3. B087.28.00001


    Tinsmith: Travelling people, Clontifeece. One of the McMahons was born in Co. Leitrim.

  4. B045.29.00002


    Flax, linen: Flax wheel, 'tuirne beag'.

  5. B045.33.00004

    Flax, linen: Flax hackle.

  6. B067.28.00001


    Dying: Bleach green watch house, Laurencetown.

  7. B067.28.00003


    Dyer: Bleach green Watch house, Laurencetown.

  8. B089.01.00001

    Woollen products: Table loom, Cornamona.

  9. B045.01.00002

    Flax, linen: Weaver, Carraroe.

  10. B092.33.00001

    Sculpture: in Oliver Sheppard's workshop.

  11. B077.01.00001

    Mining: A quarry at Casla.

  12. B078.06.00001

    Casting & Moulding Metal: Gold beating. Work in progress.

  13. B078.06.00004

    Casting & Moulding Metal: Gold beating. Building exterior.

  14. B057.01.00001

    Cooper: Cooper's plane.

  15. B057.01.00002

    Cooper: Cooper's shaving horse.

  16. B057.01.00003

    Cooper: Cooper making a hoop.

  17. B057.01.00004

    Cooper: Cooper's bench.

  18. B057.01.00005

    Cooper: Cooper's horse.

  19. B057.01.00006

    Cooper: Cooper's bow saw.

  20. B057.01.00007

    Cooper: Cooper's drawknives.

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