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  1. My Home District - Carrickavee

    James King

    there I'll get my bag full,
    And I daren't go to Mullaghmore for the
    women there would beat me
    And if I went to Carrickavee the asses
    there would eat me.
    The land is hilly and there is no bog at all in it only streams.
    There is a stream that runs the far side of the road and it divides Carrickavee from Mullaghmore and it runs on and divides Cormaddyduff from Mullaghmore.

  2. The Priest's Hill

    Margaret Maguire
    James Shannon

    About a mile from the school in the townland of Aughnacreevy is a hill known as the Priest's Hill. Here a priest lived in the Penal Days and it is said that he celebrated Mass in a glen in Mullaghmore, not far from the village of Ardlogher.
    I have heard on good authority that the priest was a Father Brian McGurrin and that many miracles were performed by him. He was buried in the old grave-yard known locally as the relic. Here St Dallan's Church founded about the year 580, stood

  3. Only the man you's have with you we'd chase you with the dogs
    For the only trade you follow I am told is making clogs
    Its when they heard this tidings they were nearly out of their mind
    They never looked behind them till they were at Chrush Line
    They were a jovial pair as plainly you can see
    And for to go to Greenans they both they did agree
    When they were crossing "Mullaghmore"
    The nearly lost their lives
    For Anthony he fainted when he he had to ask the wife
    And now they were refused again twas far worse than before.
    T'would take the tear out of a stone
    When John began to roar