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  1. An Irish Exile

    Ann Coghlan
    Miss Power

    When the June birds, were singing in Ireland,
    She lay on her hospital bed,
    With the fever- hue flushing her forehead,
    And her tossed golden hair round her head.
    Oh! the bells, would they never stop ringing,
    There they go, pealing high, sounding low,
    Now, they call me to mass, at the Convent,
    Now, they knell for graves made long ago,
    Now, they bring back the flowers on May Altars,
    Sweet roses, with morning-dew wet,
    Pale lilac, and may from the Umair,

  2. Luibheanna


    has been boiled. The fruit is boiled in water, strained, and then the water is used as dye.

    Ivy. Ivy is used to clean clothes. Boil the ivy and wash the clothes with the ivy water and a brush.
    Bouchallán is good for cuts and sores. It is got in most land. Boil the bouchallán and wash the cut in the water.
    Lilac is unlucky to bring into a house. Séumas Dearg used to make cures for toothaches. He lived in Graigavalla, Co. Waterford.
    Garlic. When cows eat garlic it tastes on the butter made from their milk. The cows could not be put in the field where garlic grows.
    Yew-tree. Yew-tree is poisonous for animals.
    Thistles. These will not let the grass grow or the cattle graze. The right time to cut thistles is August because if they are cut earlier they grow again.
    Squich grass. This is wild grass and it makes the land bad and it also kills the cattle if they eat it.
    Crob-dearg. It cures a pain in the back. It is boiled in milk and the milk is taken twice a day. It is got on a ditch. It should be pulled before twelve o'clock.
    Elder. It is said that an elder stick should never