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  1. The Keating Eviction

    S. Ó Meiscill
    Mrs Margaret Grogan

    walls crumbling in front of them that the brave woman gave int.
    John Cullinan, M.P. Bansha and Jeremiah Grogan, husband of my informant were attacked by the Police and severely beaten because protested against the inhuman conduct of the peelers + bailiffs.
    All the cattle and a valuable horse were taken + driven to the "pound" in Cahir.
    About a week afterwards a midnight raid was made on the "pound" The lock was "filed", the gates thrown open + the cattle driven out. A stalwart youth - a relative - mounted the horse outside the "pound" gate and rode him leisurely to his home in Kildorrery, between Mitchelstown + Mallow, Co. Cork.
    The cattle were placed secretly on the farms of sympathisers in the Galtees.
    One piebald calf was killed and the hide turned - he was too remarkable - looking to be allowed to live as he would have "give the game away".