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  1. Folklore - Herbs

    Vincent O' Grady
    Pat O' Grady

    There are a lot of herbs or weeds which possess cures if it were known how to prepare them. Others are very harmful and some are even poisonous. Charlock is one of the worst weeds the farmer has to contend with as once it gets a hold in a garden it covers the whole place. Thistles also are a nuisance and hard to banish and dock leaves and ferns are deep rooted and very hard to get rid of. However there are a great many herbs having all there own cures. Dandelion is good for kidney and liver disorders. Coltsfoot is a popular remedy for cough. Black currants are good for asthma. Ivy is good

  2. Luibheanna

    Teresa Naughton

    There are some herbs that do a great deal of harm on the land.The most harmful are -Thistle ,Dock, Ragweed ,Nettle, Bracken,or Fern,Rushes, Chickweed Coltsfoot.
    They use up the plant food ,make the land poor and crowd out the crops and grasses.
    Chickweed grows in boggy lands and destroys vegetable crops potatoes etc.
    Clover Thistles, Nettles Meadow Fescue ,Cocksfoot, Dock,grow in good land.
    Rushes ,heather mosses coltsfoot,ferns grow in bad land.
    There are many herbs that are cures for certain diseases .
    Garlic,eaten raw or boiled in milk is a cure for chest and lung troubles, coughs ,bronchitis.
    The leaf of the dock cures the sting of a nettle.A herb called lion's paw cures warts and corns.Dandelion leaves ,plant and roots are picked ,washed and crushed ,then put to simmer gently in water for a few hours.The water is then drunk and cures chest and lung troubles and bad coughs.
    The Male Fern cures kidney troubles.
    The Female Fern cures whooping cough .
    Both Male and Female fern cures fluke in sheep and cattle

  3. Cures


    Coltsfoot is a very good cure for colds and consumption if boiled in milk, or the juice drank daily is good to purify the blood, or if sweetened with honey is good for asthma.
    Caraway Seeds made into a poultice and applied to a bruise will take away any discolouration left after the bruise.
    There is a weed growing called rattail. It has a wide leaf and to put this up to a burn it would cure it. Another cure is to rub flour to it, and also if an invalid licked the burn it would cure it.
    A pint of porter, a half a pound of brown sugar, and a spoon of ginger. Mix them all together and give them this twice a day, and when they would be getting better to give them a half a pint of caster oil.
    Horse's sore-breast.
    Rub a lemonade bottle to the sore.
    Cure for a gald in a cow's hoof.
    Get a few lumps pf blue-stone, and pound it very fine and mix it with car grease and put it to the gald, and tie a bag.

  4. Cures

    (name not given)

    Violet leaves are used for cancer or growths.
    Coltsfoot leaves are very good for the chest or lungs.
    Warts : (1) rub a snail to them (2) wash them in forge water.
    For Decline :
    Drink the water of a dandelion
    For whooping cough:
    Ferrets leavings.
    (1) Some water lodged in a stone or wood
    (2) Rub the brown of a match to the wart for seven days. Get a different match every time.
    (3) If you goo into a crag and the first stone you meet with water dip the warts into the water and they will be cured.
    (4) Rub a piece of fat meat to the warts for nine days and they will be cured
    (5) Rub a black snail to the warts for three then bury it and the will war away.