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This is a collection of folklore compiled by schoolchildren in Ireland in the 1930s. More information

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  1. (no title)

    On the slope of a hill near the Beagh River there is a clump of old hawthorn bushes and in the centre of these there is a pile of ...

    CBÉS 0050

    Mary Frances Regan


  2. A Song

    Now as the hawthorn is in blossom,

    CBÉS 0078

    Edward Nevin


  3. (no title)

    There was a old hawthorn bush in the village of Roundfield...

    CBÉS 0079

    John Kileen, Julia Coffey


  4. The Hidden Treasure

    There is an old recess in Tamplemoyle graveyard out of which grows an old hawthorn bush.

    CBÉS 0079


  5. (no title)

    Across the lake, opposite the Lake Hill grows a hawthorn bush.

    CBÉS 0507


  6. Hawthorn Bushes

    CBÉS 0512


  7. A Story about Gold that Was Found near a Hawthorn Bush

    CBÉS 0632

    James Foran, Mary Foran


  8. (no title)

    It is bad luck to bring hawthorn into a house.

    CBÉS 0661

    Bernard Gaughran


  9. (no title)

    The blackbird is black with a yellow beak, lays eggs of a skyblue colour, about four or five, and these eggs are sprinkled with little brown dots and, it builds its nest in a hawthorn bush.

    CBÉS 0676

    Peggy O' Reilly


  10. (no title)

    They used to dress up a hawthorn bush on May 1st and put it before door.

    CBÉS 0775


  11. Local Song

    The Hawthorn grows, the brook runs by

    CBÉS 0799

    J. Walsh


  12. The Legend of the Hawthorn Bush - The White Lady of Bessboro

    CBÉS 0842


  13. Story

    Years ago there was an old hawthorn bush growing in the centre of the village of Crosspatrick supposed to be a monument over some persons that were killed or executed there.

    CBÉS 0869

    William Dollard, William Dollard Senior


  14. (no title)

    There were two men near Tinnerath building a ditch one day. They removed a white Hawthorn that grew in the corner of the field.

    CBÉS 0882

    John Doyle, Nicholas French


  15. The Big Hawthorn Bush

    CBÉS 0957


  16. An Old Hawthorn Tree

    CBÉS 1031

    Ruby Logan


  17. (no title)

    There was an old man living in Monedaragh about fourteen years ago and he cut a stick from a hawthorn tree, supposed to be gentle which was growing outside of his house.

    CBÉS 1115