Líon iontrálacha sa taifead staire: 1
ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-04-06 14:58
ag fanacht le cinneadh
of Lune. There are five families in this townland, and twenty people. It got its name, hundreds of years ago, from people named Wards who lived there. There is only one person over seventy living in the Hill of Ward, but she does not know Irish. Her name is Mrs. Walsh.
There were not as many houses in former times, as there are now. There are no ruins. Many of the inhabitants emigrated to America in Former times. The townland is not mentioned in any songs or stories.
The land is hilly and fertile. There are two woods in this townland, called the Hill of Ward woods. There is about an acre in each wood. They are owned by Mr. Alley. There are many streams, which have no stories connected with them.