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ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-04-05 17:17
ag fanacht le cinneadh
house ran the risk of having the whole property conficated, and sometimes either he himself or some member of his family were sent to slavery to the Barbadoes. Dispite all this the Irish people were willing to suffer anything that they might not be deprived of the Mass. During these times a priest was sheltered in Baltrasna Castle Co. Meath where the people attended to hear Mass. But the spies were busy and a raid was made on the Castle
So bravely did the people risist that the priest was got saftly away with the help of a nobleman named Barnwall. This gentleman paid the penalty. He was arrested, his goods seized and divided among the soldiers he himself being banished into exile. After this the priest not wishing to expose his friends to such hard-ships sough refuge in the woods and mountains. There is a cave in Loughcrew where he is believed to have hidden for more than a year, leaving it only at dead of night in all weathers, dressed in rough garments to offer Mass in an appointed place.