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ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-03-30 14:52
ag fanacht le cinneadh
There are many different kinds of birds namely the robin, thrush, blackbird, stone-chat, linnet, crow, hawk, magpie, pigeon, lark, corncrake, wren, shell-duck and a lot of others. Some birds such as the crow, magpie, pigeon and hawk select the tops of tall trees to build their nests while other birds are content with more lowly positions. The robin builds her nest in a mossy bank, the wren in an ivied bush and the thrush and blackbird in a thorny one. Gorse bushes are the favourite place for the nests of the linnet and the stone-chat, while the lark and corncrake build their nests on the ground. Some nests such as those of the crow, magpie, pigeon and hawk are very simple in construction, being just an untidy mass of sticks. Birds get their building from different places, from the cowshed the field and the farmyard. The robin builds her nest of moss hair and feathers and the wren also from the same materials. The blackbird and thrush build their nests from hay and mud and line them comfortably with hair or feathers. The swallows build their nests almost of mud under the eaves of houses. The lark builds a very pretty nest on the ground and lines it with hair. The shell-duck actually burrows underground and makes his nest in sand or in a rabbit burrow. Many an hour can be