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2020-04-02 12:41
ag fanacht le cinneadh
In 1704 Rev John Barnwall was registered at trim as "Popish Priest of Ardbraccan, Marty, and Rathboyne. This priest was ordained in 1680 in Co. Kildare by the Bishop of Kildare. He lived at Neilstown in 1704. He was related to Lord Trimblestown.
There were very few of his contemporaries who suffered more intensely and continuously from the operation of the penal laws.
With the rigorous enforcement of the penal laws Father Barnwall was forced to flee like a felon and seek shelter in the barns and houses of the poor. Although of illustrious birth and distinguished and manly bearing and noted for his charity, learning and selflsisness he was yet the prey of blood thirsty informers and priest hunters.
In the early part of the last century there were two mud walled thatched cabins