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2020-01-09 22:42
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My Home District by Betty Corrigan
The place I live in is known as the "Wood". It gets its name because years ago here were large woods and forests there.
The Wood is situated in the Townsland of Kildalkey in the Barony of Lune.
It is not a very large place being only about sixteen families in it and roughly about seventy-six people.
The people over seventy are Mrs. Rose Baker, "Wood", Kildalkey, Mrs. Rose Kelly, "Wood" Kildalkey and another Mrs. Rose Kelly, Miss Mary Ledwith "Wood", Kildalkey, Co. Meath.
Mr. Patrick Newman, "Wood", Kildalkey, Mr. Laurence Gaffney, Kildalkey, the two Mrs. Rose Kellys and Mr. John Ward, "Wood", Kildalkey are very good story tellers.
Most of the people in the Wood live in very old thatched houses with a few exceptions.
Only two or three people from the Wood emigrated long ago to America. Nearly every house on the Wood road has