Líon iontrálacha sa taifead staire: 1
ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-03-26 20:51
ag fanacht le cinneadh
An eglantine Island in the centre is placed
Where King Murrough held council when he conquered the Danes
The Clonina Nobles with Plutus did feast
And drank of the nectarine water of the Knockalough Lake
The lakes of Killarney are in history famed
The Spas of Doonvarna are orally praised
The Kilkee salt water is the canto of Late
But appeal to the water of the Knockalough Lake
Magestic woodlands and buildings combined
The fertilized valleys could not be out vied
If Adam was placed there man would not die
The serpent though subtle could not Eve decoy
Reader please do not me censure
I write the above per-adventure
You will consider for My old age
That I never was a learned sage