Líon iontrálacha sa taifead staire: 1
ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-03-26 12:44
ag fanacht le cinneadh
When stiff linen collars first made their appearance in Kerry there lived in a backward district in the parish of Brosna "Din" and his wife Maggie. Having no family to provide for they always saved something & wished to appear as well in public as the neighbours.
For the first time Maggie purchased a high stiff collar, decorated "Din" with it on a Sunday morning & away he went on foot to mass. A cross quite at right had to be turned on the way. Din feeling him-self still on the straight road called out to his companions.
"Turn me up the cross boys"
When a body is in tight corners in this district he often say "Turn me up the cross boys".