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2020-03-22 23:13
ag fanacht le cinneadh
traditional story related about "Cnoc Fiorna". In the reign of Finn MaCuil and before the time of St. Patrick the King of Norway arrived by the Shannon's shore with an enormous and well equipped fleet. Immediately he and his followers made great efforts to exterminate the Fianna but failed in their attempt as they themselves were all wiped out by the Fianna with the exception of a young boy of fifteen years of age. They took pity on this boy and they told him to have no anxiety. After some time he settled down in a palace called "bruidheann[?] Caorthainn[?]. This little boy's name was Miadach. One day some years after the little was sent to live in his palace, the Fianna accompained by Finn MacCuil were hunting around "Cnoc Fiorna" they noticed a strange man coming towards them. Finn MacCuil perceived by this man's