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2020-03-26 13:05
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National Record
During the days of Sinn Féin he was closely identified with the leaders of the movement and gave it substantial moral and financial support. His house was a meeting place for the "boys" during their struggles for independence in 1920 and 1921 but he never actually got personally into conflict with the British military.
Horgan's Death
In 1922 his health began to fail. The "times" were too exciting and exacting for him because it was well known that he never really recovered from the effects of the attack made on him by the Italians in America. After a brief illness he he died on 29th May 1922 and was buried in Lyre Cemetery on 31st May. The journey from Brookstown was a slow and difficult one as many bridges were knocked down and roads "tranched" owing to the civil war. R.I.P.