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2020-03-26 13:01
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Extract from "Freeman's Journal" 1908: -
"Gone - with his Breastplate of Medals.
"Denis Horgan - the greatest shot-putter that the world has ever seen - has decided to remain in New York, where he has secured a good position, and in consequence his familiar figure, with its breastplate of gold, bronze and silver medals, will be lost to athletic gatherings in this country - perhaps for evermore." (Horgan had over 200 gold medals
The people of his native Duhallow were great admirers of Denis Horgan. Here is what old Denny Bowler said about him, after he had returned from Donoughmore Sports, a distance of nine miles, which he made on foot, altho' he was then well over three score years,: -
"A Mhuire Mhárian, he had two arms on him like the rafters of the house, and see here to me now, he could throw the big weights like you'd throw a pebble of a stone."
On his return to Ireland from America, Denis Horgan married Miss Cunningham, Brookstown Co. COrk. He thereby became the proprietor of a progressive grocery and vinter store.