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2020-03-26 12:43
ag fanacht le cinneadh
his ghost either." And, faith, by the time Denis Horgan was done, Mr. Sheldon and the assembled Yankees knew that it was Denis Horgan in the flesh that was there, and the boys from Ireland knew it too, and they testified the appreciation of that consciousness and of the boy from Banteer by giving vent to a wild cheer, which was not a whitless sonorous or less Irish than if it rose from old Duhallow itself, bold Tipperary, or Garryowen. And Denis Horgan won the victory and the world's record, and there was no further repetition of the cocksure query, "Where is Horgan, the Irishman now?" Denis Horgan's reception at the hands of the Irish Americans, was almost unparalleled in its enthusiasim and spontaneity. He was urged to join various clubs on the other side, but he declined to join any club or to enter the lists under any flag but the flag or Ireland, or in any capacity except that of an Irishman."
From the "Cork Examiner": -
"Denis Horgan, the famous Irish weight