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2020-03-26 20:24
ag fanacht le cinneadh
time had a branch in every Parish.
The agitation was continued with great vigour and soon brought them to their knees so that great concessions were achieved and the tenants triumphed as they got Fair Rent, Security of Tenure, and Free Sail. The greater part of Ireland was confiscated in the reign of Elizabeth William III and by Cromwell and the thoroughly aroused nation wanted the recovery of the ownership of the soil of Ireland as these words rung out from the centre to the sea "The land for the People"
The Tithe war caused much annoyance amongst our Catholic people they refused to pay the dues demanded form for the upkeep of the Protestant Church. The English government ordered its Bailiffs and Military to seize the goods of all who refused to pay, so then commenced the "Tithe War" several encounters took place with heavy loss of life on both sides but the peasants won. In the neighborhood of ninety years ago the people of Newmarket buried the tithes at Kilbrin by burying a coffin there.
The collection of the tithes caused riots through the country. Tithe proctors and police and soldiers who protected them were attacked and on some occasions as at Newtownbarry