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2020-03-26 20:16
ag fanacht le cinneadh
One of our Local Landlords in Newmarket was the Alworths. They come here some time after the Spanish Armada in the reign of James the first. They were indeed a very good people though some people say they loved nothing Irish except the land. They sold some of their property to the west, around Rock Chapel after which they built a magnificent Court which was converted into a Convent a few years ago.
Lord Cork was another good Landlord who had a very extensive Estate around Newmarket and was well liked by his tenants with the exception of a few who were idle bad tenants, but all the Landlords were not good some of them were tyrannical and oppressed their tenants and made them pay exorbitant rents which was not within their power.
The tenants refused to pay so the Landlords evicted them from their holdings. Tenants suffered much this way but at last a great man came to their side - "Michael Davitt" the father of the Land League and the unrelenting foe of England and of the Irish Landlord which he regarded as England's garrison in Ireland. He opened his campaign in Co. Mayo in 1879 and in a short space of