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2019-07-18 08:35
ag fanacht le cinneadh
Tales of the Famine Times
Told by Annie Cullen.
The great famine that was in Ireland in 1847, was caused by the potato failure. It happened during the reign of Queen Victoria. She was known as the Famine Queen.
It was then the Indian meal was brought into Ireland.
It was known by the name of the yellow or relief meal. Two millions of Irish died of hunger before this meal was allowed in. Food was sent to Ireland from all over the world, but the English would not allow it in to the country.
A man from Calry went to Sligo one day and he sold a crib of turf for three loaves. When he was coming near Ballinode people were lying in the quarry there dying of starvation. He gave them the loaves of bread to eat.
The potatoes were not so bad