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ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-03-26 14:00
ag fanacht le cinneadh
Food in Olden Times.
In olden times the people eat three meals in the day, breakfast, supper and dinner. They would get their breakfast at ten o'clock, their dinner at one and their supper at eight o'clock at night. To their breakfast they would get potatoes, salt and buttermilk. They would have to work two hours before breakfast. For their dinner they would get potatoes, salt and buttermilk also. To their supper they would get oaten "brochan" and milk. If they had no milk they would take sugar and water on the "brochan". If they had no potatoes "preshure" was boiled in water and eaten. At that time the old people had no tables, so they sat around a basket in the middle of the floor when they would be taking their dinner. The kinds of bread they eat were oaten bread and potatoe bread. The way they made potatoe bread was potatoes peels and mashed through flour and hardened. The flesh they eat was venison and veal. This flesh they eat was from young calves that happened to die. This would be salted and hung up to the roof until time of use. They had no vegetables. Sometimes they had fish. They had no light except a chip of fir in the back-stone. They went to bed very early because they had to be up early in the morning