Líon iontrálacha sa taifead staire: 1
ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-03-26 21:18
ag fanacht le cinneadh
22. Down in yon meadow there is a tree
And in that tree there is a nest.
And in that nest there is but seven,
And one of them is clear for heaven
Answer. The seven days of the week.
23. In the garden was laid a pretty fair maid
As bright as the dew in the morn.
The first day of her life she was made a wife,
And died before she was born.
Answer. Eve.
24, What animal is killed before it is "cured"?
Answer. A pig.
25. If it's too short cut a biot off and make it long enough
Answer. A grave.
26. Londonderry, Cork and Kerry,
spell "that" without a K.
Answer. That.
27. What shoemaker makes shoes