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2020-03-26 23:31
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Buying And Selling 5-9-38
Shops were common in olden times. People had to go to the nearest town to the nearest town to buy or sell anything because there wasn't any shop near them long ago.
Buying and selling were carried on after mass long ago. This is still carried on in some towns. The people go into the shops after mass and they buy whatever they need.
Everything wasn't sold on Sunday, but tea, sugar, meat and bread were sold.
A great many goods were bartered in the district namely, potatoes, hay, oats and cabbage.
Long ago some people worked for other people and they got goods in exchange.
I never heard it was unlucky to buy anything on certain days. If a person bought a cow or any other thing on a Sunday and if anything happened it, the person could not get anything for it from the person whom he bought it from . This was told to me by,
Mrs Stephens,