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2020-03-26 22:27
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The Lore of Certain Days 11-7-38
In every district certain days are looked upon as being lucky or unlucky. Tuesday is supposed to be a very unlucky day. There is a station to Lough Caorán every year and people who go there throw pieces of meat out into the Lough, or pieces of butter. They say it will keep away diseases from the cattle.
They do a station which I dont know about. This station is preformed on the day of the Reek and for eight days afterwards.
Some people do not begin work only on Fridays. Long ago the big farmers would not start their work until that day. House-building is also started on that day. There is a rhyme for each day of the week: -
Monday for health,
Tuesday for wealth
Wednesday the best day of all,
Thursday for losses, /
Friday for crosses
Saturday no day at all.
The old people say that if it rains on St Swithin's day 15th July it will rain for forty days and nights. Fridays are lucky for changing from one house to another.