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ball sinsearach (stair)
2018-05-23 22:37
ag fanacht le cinneadh
Old Graveyards. 16-5 38
There are four graveyards in this parish and two of them are in Balla, one of them is in Balcara and another in Gweesdaon. The four graveyards are in use but the old graveyard in Balla is seldom used. Mostly the old people are buried in it because they like to be buried with their ancestors. There is an old church beside the graveyard but it is used as a dance hall now. There is also a round tower in the graveyard. The top is now off it and when the old church was in use, the round tower was used as belfry. The graveyard slopes to the blessed well which is on the west side of it. There are trees growing around the graveyard and some in through it.
There is an old cross over John Conlon's grave. he was a station-master's son and he was killed by the train. After his death, his parents went to Dublin and brought a cross which was placed over John's grave. All this happened sixty years ago. The crosses are ornamented. There are the heads of Angles cut out on them. All the crosses in the old graveyard are made of stone but some of the crosses in the new graveyard are made of