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ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-03-26 15:28
ag fanacht le cinneadh
Local Roads 2-3-38
The trunk road leading from Dublin to Achill passes through Balla. Another principal road branches off from the trunk road and passes through Kiltimagh on it's way to Sligo. Another road branches off from the Castlebar road and passes through Ballyvary and Foxford on its way to Ballina. Those roads are not very old but there are the remains of a road running through Rathduff which is supposed to be the chief road leading from Dublin in olden times.
There is a very old road running through Portach which was made as Relief Works during the Famine and was never finished on account of a row with the gangers. The payment being a shilling or six pence a day for every man. If a man was working with his horse and cart he would get a half a crown. The road is not noticeable only for a small path in it's place. Another old road is Lagaturn which was supposed to have been a path in St Patrick's time.
In olden times the rivers were crossed by fords or a tree stetching from one bank of the river to the other.
There is a pass over Craggagh and Cruckspullagodan. There is also a mass rock on the north side of Cruck.