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duine anaithnid
2020-07-20 14:06
ag fanacht le cinneadh
A neighbour who lived near him and was a great friend of his ,fell suddenly ill.So during the course of the illness James O'Dea went to see him .it was some time after midday when he was approaching the house. Suddenly he heard the most sorrowful crying it was his lot ever to hear..Thinking the crying proceeded from the house as he thought the man must have just died and that it was the wife and family were lamenting after him,he determined to turn back home, not wishing to intrude on the sorrowful family .On second thoughts ,however,he resolved to visit the house ,to console the widow and family on their great loss.AS soon as he came near the house ,he was surprised to find everything very quite no noise or crying proceeded from the house .He was met at the door by the wife ,and surprised that she showed no signs of crying ,he asked how was the husband.She said,much the