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duine anaithnid
2020-07-07 13:51
ag fanacht le cinneadh
A boy in Quin was remaining delicate and no improvement was coming on him from day to day.At last his friends decided to consult Biddy Early about him.They got their horse and sidecar ready and drove to Biddy's house .Now the horse was a very quite animal and was never known to show any "vice".
When they went to Biddy ,they told her about the delicate young man .She gave them a bottle but warned them to take great care of the bottle when passing through Quin Cross Roads ,for if the bottle got broken all would be lost.
All went well until they came to Quin Cross .here the horse got suddenly furious .he reared and jumped and backed the car against the shoemaker's door that was at the Cross and put in the door, jambs and all. The local neighbours collected and had at last put a "gren" on the horse to enable them to bring him home.