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ball sinsearach (stair)
2020-03-16 00:20
ag fanacht le cinneadh
St Patrick passed by this parish on his way, from West Limerick to East Limerick - from Knock Patrick to Ard Patrick.
A well - near Lee's Cross, in the Parish of Ballingarry, about 3 miles from Granagh was a centre of Pagan susperstition.
St Patrick visited it, blessed it, and left the print of his foot on a flag-stone beside it. It is much honoured on every St Patrick's day, which is a regular Pattern day a the Well.
Rounds are paid, and the water is brought home to sick people or invalids who cannot visit the well themselves.

He also visited another well about two miles to the east of this well, which is also called St Patrick's Well, but it is not at all so important as the first mentioned.