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ball sinsearach (stair)
2022-03-14 20:44
ag fanacht le cinneadh
There were many famous reapers in Cnoc Firinne. About five or six now, and as many more women used go [?] Knockfriena to "The Black Stick" in Croagh, Reaping, or harvest time - The men used to reap, and the women bind. Each man would reap about 1/4 acre per. day.
Their food consisted of potatoes and milk, three times a day. In the good houses they used get New Milk with the potatoes, but there were other houses were the milk used to be stored up for days before hand, for the meoial, and it used to be so sour that it was called Green Milk
On the return journey each evening the reapers used challenge each other to running and jumping they never felt tired and never minded the long journey.