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ball sinsearach (stair)
2018-06-14 21:21
ag fanacht le cinneadh
Cleeve or creel making was a craft carried on by the people in this district. Cleeves are still made by Mr. Pat Byron Ballinagare. Bands of straw were put in the cleeves to be carried on the back, either with turf or potatoes. The cleeve was made sticking sixteen or twenty strong, fresh rods in the ground in a field. Then commence to weave the rods in and out through these until finally you were at the bottom. Then turn in rods for bottom and weave, when finished the mough of cleeve was stuck in the ground so it all had to be pulled up. All rods had to be fresh lest they would break.
Forges, gates, cranes and ploughs were made in forges and today they are also made in Mr. Egan's forge, Tarmon, Castlerea. Mrs. Henery O'Hara Tully was always to be seen spinning on a