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ball sinsearach (stair)
2018-08-28 18:31
ag fanacht le cinneadh
The monastery is beleived to be suppressed by Cromwell in the year 1655. It is about ¾ of a mile from Cuffe's Grange. There is no account of what order of monks dwelt there. The only signs of there being a monastery is the field of the pigons park. The field is very unlevel. There are flowers growing there still of the crocous kind.
The graveyard is at the right hand side of the avenue in a field called the high meadow. In the old days about the year 1801 there were to flags paths one to Burnchurch Castle and the other to Bally burr Castle. This place is now occupied by my Father Mr J Corr, Cuffe's Grange. It was formely owned by the Cuffe's in the year 1740. The Cuffe's gave it to my ancestors on condition that they would always keep a thatched roof.