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2019-01-18 19:11
ag fanacht le cinneadh
St Farannan
At the end of the parish of Easkey is a beautiful statue in 1912 over the mound of St Farannan. A small river divides the statue from the well and bed of the Saint: the bed being a flat rock on the top of a cliff. In olden times the mound was very small, but when people prayed they left stones and the pile has grown larger.
The present statue which has a base 4ft x 8ft and a height about 6ft was built in 1912 by Canon Quinn at a cost of £25. The cost was cleared by subscriptions. On one occasion the box was robbed and the box itself was thrown into the river. There is a pool or well which never goes dry and people going there to pray bring some water from this well.
Old people tell us there was a church in the hollow of the field near to where the present statue is built. Men dug for it but were unable to find it. St Farannan