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2018-04-19 08:09
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Local Place Names
About a mile from the village of Aughrim, in the Baron of Clonmacnoon there is a placed called "Bloody Hollow". It was so named after the battle of Aughrim had been fought. It is said that when the battle was at the height, the blood of the soldiers who were killed and wounded flowed down this hollow. Some of the soldiers who were fighting were carried off in this river of blood.
This hollow is called "Bloody Hollow" up to this day.
About two miles from this village there is a townland called Gortmore. As every school boy knows "Gort Mór" means the big tillage field. This field was divided some time ago, but the neighbours said they would not like the name to die out, so they called the townland by the name of Gortmore. Once it was a great field of forty acres.