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duine anaithnid
2020-06-26 17:48
ag fanacht le cinneadh
“The Result of the Bad Dinner”
There once lived in Ballyglass a man named Patch Heskin who was a thatcher. One day Pat Heskin from Ballyrourke employed him thatching.
At that time they used to stitch the thatch with rope. They used to have a big thatcher’s needle. The thatcher would have to be outside on the roof to put in the needle and another person inside to pull it in and put it out again.
In the morning Pat Heskin was going to the market and he ordered his wife Peggy to give a good dinner of meat, cabbage and potatoes to the thatcher. The wife was a very stingy woman and she herself tended on the thatcher rather than pay somebody else to do it. When dinner time came Patch was called in and to his surprise what had he to get only potatoes and buttermilk. He expected he would get a great dinner as he overhead the conversation Pat had with his wife before he left so