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ball sinsearach (stair)
2017-01-04 19:33
ag fanacht le cinneadh
There was once a man by the name of O'Hara. The English soldiers were all ont he look-out for this man because he was a great horse rider and they wanted to test him as a rider. One day they got him in an old house. They did not fire any shot but told him that they wanted him for. They next brought him to the cliffs of Moher. There was a big stone near the cliffs. Between the cliffs and the stone there was about [?] feet. They gave him a horse and made him jump the stone and turn the horse and jump it back again. If he did this he would get £1,000 and if he did not he would be sent to jail. He did jump the stone twice and when he was finished his hair was turned grey. They said he did not jump it right and he