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I am living in the townland of Shanakyle in the parish of Parteen and in the Barony of Bunratty, Shankyle got its name from and old church that was there long ago. It was situated in O ‘Sullivan’s land. There is a fort now where the church was long ago It was a very large church. There are seventeen families living in Shanakyle and there are over seventy people. The name most common is Kelly. Mostly all of the houses are slated. There is only one old person living in Shanakyle her name is Mrs Pierce she is eighty five years of age, she doesn’t know any Irish there were many houses round the place in former times but there are about six in ruins now. There did not many people Emigrate to America - only about six persons went some of the land is hilly and more of it is very good.
There is a river about two miles from my house it is called the river Shannon.
The Shannon got its name from a girl that was there long ago Sion was her name there was a fish in this river and if any man ate of it he was gifted with knowledge immediatly but if any woman ate

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