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Baile an Chathraigh, Co. an Chláir
Liam Mac Clúin

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Tagairt Chartlainne

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Michael Markham and Pat Corbett were bosom companions

Michael Markham and Pat Corbett were bosom companions. They were particularly fond of fowling together. On one occasion they made an appointment to meet at Danny Keefe's Hill on a certain Saturday about three oclock. The hill was convenient to both their homes. They both were to spend the rest of the evening fowling. That Saturday Michael Markham had a sudden seizure. He died about three oclock. Mr Corbett unaware of what had happened proceeded to Danny Keefe's Hill at the appointed hour. He was joined by Michael Markham, and both spent the evening fowling in the neighbouring hills. They parted, and each faced home. When Patt Corbett reached home he was told of the death of his friend, but he would not believe it, as he had only quite recently parted from him. It was only with great difficulty that he could be got to believe that Markham was dead. He was so overcome with this strange experience that he did not attend wake or funeral.

Kate Markham