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O'Duffy '98 Man

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0599, Leathanach 173

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O'Duffy '98 Man
O'Duffy was born in Maghera in the house now occupied by John Murphy Maghera Cottage ,Tulla ,Co Clare.
He was a member of the Society of The United Irishmen,and held high rank .he used to be drilling men in Tyredagh at night time.This did not long continue unknown to the authorities .Brown a captain of the Yeomanry in Newgrove was rather liberal in his ideas ,and told ODuffy to desist from his military activities ,as his actions were known to the powers that be.
When the Rebellion of '98 broke out in Wexford O Duffy led his men from Clare to take part in the Insurrection .They had to pass Bunratty Castle which was then held by the British Military.O'Duffy and his men were attacked and scattered. .Most of them reassembled ,and reached Wexford to take part in some minor engagements as the rebellion was mostly over,when they arrived .They attached themselves to the flying columns that were

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Mr Patt Mc Namara
An Machaire, Co. an Chláir