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A man in Crusheen was always very fond of "ferriting" and looking for rabbits

From Martin O' Gorman, Knocknagogue, Luim.
70 yrs
A man in Crusheen was always very fond of "ferriting" and looking for rabbits.
A certain policeman, a friend of his, used now and again go with him. One evening they were near an old Coothe. They saw a burrow. They put in the ferret, but no rabbits bolted, neither did the ferret come out. So after waiting some time, the man pout his ear to the hole to find out if he could hear the ferret looking inside. While he was listening he heard the ferret moving over objects that made a clanking noise like money. So he told the policeman to go home as it was no use trying to get any more rabbits. They both went home. In the night the man returned to the burrow, with a friend. They dug out the burrow and got a large quantity of gold and silver coins. They brought them home and divided the treasure between them. They both became very rich although up to that, they were very poor.

Martin O' Gorman
Cnoc na gCabhóg, Co. an Chláir