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Ballymaclune Well

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Ballymaclune Well

There is a well in Ballymaclune Hill which has this strange feature, that it fills up in Summer and gets lower and lower in Winter. There are underground passages leading from the well under the hill. It is said that in older times a young man of the wealthy class fell in love with a beautiful maiden of humble extraction, she in her innocence losing her heart to him.
Although warned again and again to "beware" of the gentleman of the upper class and to select a lover from the many excellent young men of her own humble station who were deeply grieved that she should have set her heart on a rich man and on a man who was bound to prove false to her, still persisted in her attachment to the young man.
The courtship went on for many years until a rich heroes arrived at a neighboring "Big House." He at once forsook the humble maiden and proposed to the heroes who accepted and married her within a few months.

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Michael Clune
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