School: Cluainteach (C.), Newtownforbes

Cluainteach, Co. an Longfoirt
Bean Mhic Garaidh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0756, Page 209

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0756, Page 209

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  1. Some years ago an old beggar man used to travel through this part of the Co. Longford and Co. Leitrim. His name was Mickey Neeson, but he was so wicked he was never called anything but "Bull Neeson". All the country women would be afraid to see him coming to their houses, if there was not a man in the house. If he chanced to go into a house, and only a woman inside he would compel her to give him anything he wanted. Like all bullies he was a coward. One day he went to a certain house in this locality, and he ordered the woman to give him, tea, sugar, flour, and meal. "Now" said he, "get up there and cut me down a bit of bacon". The woman said "I will not". "Well if you don't I cut it down myself". Just then, lucky enough, the man of the house came in and give him a good beating.
    He used to carry a bundle of straw on his back for his bed. One day some little boys got behind him, and struck a match, and set fire to it, and he went along the road for some distance, before he discovered it blazing. When he did, he threw it down, and
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Jenny Mc Garry
    Lios na gCoirnéal, Co. an Longfoirt