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Knockatemple, Co. an Chabháin
W. Tuite

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Hallow Eve Customs

Tagairt Chartlainne

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It is believed around this district that on Hallow Eve night that all souls have their liberty. It is an old custom to not rake the fire and put a table in the middle of the floor and on it they place a plate of culcannon on each corner of it and a big plate in the middle for the King of the Fairies.
Many funny stories are told about Hallow Eve, on of the strangest I have heard concerns a man named Mr. Lynch of Cornagh.
One night about supper time when he went out to fodder his cows, he saw a very tiny man dressed in red smoking a little pipe about half as big as a thimble sitting at the byre door. When he recovered from his surprise he went in for his servant boy Bernard Fitzsimons to see what it was but when they came out he had disappered. My. Lynch and Fitzsimons went to a neighbour Mr. Lee to see did he ever see such a

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