Scoil: Knocktemple (B.)

Knockatemple, Co. an Chabháin
W. Tuite

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A Story

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Some years before the Famine men wore very long beards and they looked very rough. A priest who was in charge or P.P. of this parish advised the men to cut their beards and shave their faces. It was easy enough to cut off the beard but it was not so easy to shave. But the story tells us that they used to assemble at the house of Mr Web who lived in Lurganboy.
This man was very handy with a razor. Every Sunday Web used to be pestered with a great many men coming to be shaved before Mass, he was a long time thinking of how he could get shut of them, but he did not want to fall out with his neighbours, in the long run he said to himself he would pretend he was mad.
One Sunday morning a man named Mr White came to be shaved, he put him sitting on a chair in the kitchen, apparently there was not one along with the two in the kitchen before long old Web replied "I wont

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Walter Tuite
An Lorgain Bhuí, Co. an Chabháin