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Knockatemple, Co. an Chabháin
W. Tuite

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Wake and Funeral Customs

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When a person dies the people of the locality spend some time praying around the bed which bears the corpse. In a while the person is laid out - that is a habit is put on the dead person and then the arms are crossed on the breast and a pair of Rosary Beads are put in his hands if it is a man he is shaved and his hair combed and then a small table is put near the bed which bears the dead body and a number of candles are lighted on this table and kept burning for a day and a night.
The neighbouring women come to the wake in the day time and men attend at night and sometimes the De Pro Fundis is said and the Rosary is recited three times during the night. Long ,long ago drink used to be handed round to the men but the church has condemned this custom. The custom was to leave the corpse two nights in the house and one night

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