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The Cure of the Farcy

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Horses often suffer from a disease called the "farchee" which is a swelling in the stomach. It occurs usually in the Spring time and renders the horses unfit to work

Three families around the district had the cure of it. The peculiar thing about this is that Protestants and Catholics believe in this cure. In fact a Protestant family in this neighbourhood had the cure of it. The actual form of the cure was a secret. But the horse affected would be brought into a darkened stable and the man possessing the cure would go in along with him and shut the door and he would say some words into the horse's ear and it is said that these words would cure the horse.
So widespread was the belief in this cure that people would come for miles all over the country to have their horses cured and it was a common thing to meet a stranger on the road enquiring the way to the home of the man who possessed the cure.