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Knockatemple, Co. an Chabháin
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The Last of the O'Reilly's

Tagairt Chartlainne

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It is said that Captain O'Reilly lived in Ryefield, his residence was known as Ryefield House, he was a member of a noted Catholic family.
It was a very ancient house, and to the present day there is a recess cut in the wall resembling an altar and in this is a Chalice cut on the stone. At that time all Ryefield was planted by the Planters, and they wanted to get this Captain O'Reilly's land, but the Marquis of Headfort would not evict him as he was a just man.
This man was a famous horse man and he was also a Rent Collector or Land Agent. At that period there was a family living in Ryefield named Fagens just opposite the Captain's Hall door; they had two acres of land. Captain O'Reilly wanted to make an avenue to his door, and he told them that he would give them a large farm containing thirty or forty-acres and build a house for them if they would leave without any trouble as he was a just man.
That was in the month of

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Mr Philip Mooney
Achadh an tSeagail, Co. an Chabháin