Scoil: Johnstown, Arklow

Johnstown Lower, Co. Chill Mhantáin
Nelly Bolger

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Food in Olden Times

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Food in Olden Times

People had three meals a day in olden times, Breakfast dinner and supper, were the meals. Six oclock in the morning and twelve in the middle of the day and about seven in the evening. The people had to work alot before their breakfast. Sometimes they had yellow-meal porridge. Milk was drank also. More times they had potatoes and they also got the roots of turnips and boiled them.The people sat around the table in the centre of the floor. They used to eat barley bread, rye bread, oaten bread. The bread was made with water. They used to eat meat about Tuesday if they were working hard. More times they ate salty herrings and cabbage and turnips. The people did not eat late at night. The certain occassions were Hallow Eve, Easter, Christmas. They get puddings and pie at Christmas. Nuts at hallow - Eve. They ate eggs on easter- Sunday. Wooden noggins they used before they had cups.