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The Story of Dwyer's Escape

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0914, Leathanach 492

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In Derrynamuck, there was a farmhouse, owned by a man named Perry, and there was also a cabin. Dwyer and eleven others were in Derrynamuck one night. Eight of them remained in the farmhouse, and four went to the cabin. The four were:- Dwyer, McAllister, Savage and another.

Dwyer, Burke and Hugh Byrne were always together. Dwyer was captain, and Burke, second in command - and the three planned , and carried out plans together. We are not told where Burke and Hugh Byrne were on this particular night - they were not in either house. Tradition has it that they were in some of the out-houses, as they had not room in the dwelling houses. Anyway, they were sure to be there, with Dwyer.
The soldiers came, and went into the farmhouse, and the eight men surrendered. Burke and Byrne were not in the house - because if they were, they certainly would have made a fight. As it was, there was £500 on Dwyer's head, and £250 each on Byrne and Burke, and so if they had been present, they knew they were doomed, and would have made a

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