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T. Moynihan

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0914, Leathanach 015

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Ram Sale mating season

12th Oct
Ram Sale
the "mountain men" wait for 12th Oct Hollywood or 13th Oct Blessington to buy a Ram. Many exposed for sale are 2 years with the owner and cannot be "let out" a third year. When they cannot be sold they are swopped and so fresh blood is brought to each flock.
Only long experience can produce a judge of a Ram. After the 12th October mountain Rams are "let out" from the paddocks and young lambs are expected after 12 weeks or the 17th March. The danger of a snow storm is then almost past and fresh grass is growing in the fields for suckling ewes.
During the winter the ewes are usually kept on the rough portion of farm. They are dipped in December if necessary

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